Adobe Captivate

The goal of this project was to create a course that demonstrates our basic understanding and utilization of Adobe Captivate 9 software. Captivate is a course authoring software that gives you all the features and functionality needed to create a self contained course. The project was open ended, but I decided to focus on making a […]


Jing is a wonderful little free screen capturing software. While Mac and Windows have their own versions, what sets this one apart is the ability to write or markup your screen capture. It can also record your desktop, with audio, while giving you the ability to pause the video and continue where you left. This […]


I first came across explainer videos when I began teaching in 2012. The video, “Google Docs in Plain English” was a video I showed my students to introduce the idea of using Google Docs (as it was called back then). It was super easy way to intro the idea in a way that was visual. The […]