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Jing is a wonderful little free screen capturing software. While Mac and Windows have their own versions, what sets this one apart is the ability to write or markup your screen capture. It can also record your desktop, with audio, while giving you the ability to pause the video and continue where you left. This is particularly beneficial as it gives you time to switch between windows or set up your next scene without starting a new screencast.

For this project, we were tasked with creating a “how-to” do something on the computer that incorporated narration, screencast, and some marked up screen shots using Jing. The result was a how to join the stock market competition that my Finance classes participate in during the Stock Market Unit.

I understand it is free, and the makers do offer other paid options, but it would be great to be able to markup the video as you go. Another downside is that screen recordings are only available in Flash (.swf) unless you publish them to their site. Then you would have to share out the link or you could embed it. Otherwise this is a great little tool that allows you to create simple videos and markups.

I would consider using this with a flipped/blended classroom or recording simple procedures students would need to complete for assignments, or label key parts of a document or image. I like the ease of saving a screenshot after marking it up compared to marking up a screen shot in Word or Photoshop, for example.

Looking to play the stock market? Join and see how you do against my high school students!

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