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I first came across explainer videos when I began teaching in 2012. The video, “Google Docs in Plain English” was a video I showed my students to introduce the idea of using Google Docs (as it was called back then). It was super easy way to intro the idea in a way that was visual. The website mysimpleshow was started by the same creators and it is a great “explain everything” platform that allows you to enter a basic script and produce a visual presentation based on the words that you use in your script. It keeps the script word limit small so everything is precise and to the point. Great for explaining something without losing your audience.

I used the free version to create a simple explainer video on how to make limoncello. It is a family recipe that we have used for a very long time. It allowed me to change the words that were visually represented from my script, or  insert my own images and text. I also like how it gives you the ability to download it or share it over social media, though some options are limited.

Overall, I found it relatively easy to use. While I like that it helps you by picking out keywords from your script and producing pictures that matched it, it was frustrating at times due to the pictures not in the right place or the incorrect words that I wanted as images. I would definitely consider using this in the future or perhaps use it as an alternative assignment for students in my class.

Check out my video below! Salute!